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Dr. Oz
3 min readSep 4, 2020
Dr Oz

The bedding market has just gotten better with the announcement that Dr. Oz is coming out with a new Sleep System. It is exciting news, and it will take the industry by storm.

The Need for Better Sleep

The overwhelming majority of Americans don’t get enough sleep. However, sleep is one of the biggest drivers of physical and mental health. Enduring poor sleep quality and not taking steps to improve your sleep hygiene could lead to a significant decrease in quality of life in the future. Dr. Oz strongly believes that poor sleep is an under appreciated health crises and is committed to helping people get access to mattresses, frames and bedding that will solve their sleep problems and enhance their sleep.

Current Market Offerings and Options

The mattress, frame and bedding market is confusing. Multiple brands offer similar products and performance claims, many at high prices that are out of reach for most consumers. Few, if any companies, invest in scientific testing to back up the claims they make. Significant emphasis is placed solely on comfort and not on sleep health and hygiene.

Dr. Oz has developed an entire Sleep System to address sleep problems such as snoring, acid reflux and back pain. The Dr. Oz Good Life Sleep System includes an adjustable base, proprietary Dr. Oz Base App which automatically adjusts the frame to a no-snore position and the latest mattress technology. All products in the collection benefit from the use of proven anti-bacterial and anti-allergen fighters to deliver a clean sleep environment. Dr. Oz has created a scientifically evaluated and comfortable Sleep Collection to deliver healthy sleep.

The Dr. Oz Difference

The Dr. Oz Good Life Sleep collection is supported by science and designed for comfort. All fabrics incorporate proprietary Silver Science Technology with proven anti-bacterial properties. Memory foam is infused with both CoolRelax Gel for a cooler sleep and Activated Charcoal to control allergens. All synthetic down fills use Dr. Oz’s proprietary EngineeredDown, a synthetic that doesn’t clump and provides a cleaner sleep environment. The new product collection also includes pillows, mattress toppers, comforters and weighted blankets.

The Right Solution for You

The broad range of solutions allows consumers to select those products that solve the sleep problems you are enduring and help you secure a clean, comfortable night’s sleep. Concerns about over-heating while sleeping are solved by the CoolRelax gel infusion into the mattresses and pillows. Those people who love the feel of real down feathers, but are allergic, can experience the same effect with EngineeredDown pillows and comforters. Silver Science Technology in all the fabrics ensure anti-bacterial protection throughout the collection. Those of you who snore and are worried about the impact on both their and their sleep partner’s health and have a perfect solution in the Dr. Oz Good Life Sleep System. A scientifically evaluated Sleep System that delivers proven performance and maximum comfort, The Dr. Oz Good Life sleep collection is a welcome solution for consumers everywhere.

About Dr. Oz

The story of Dr. Oz is filled with perseverance and accomplishments. He attended the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, and he is an accomplished heart surgeon. Now, he has a show on which he helps people with health and medical advice. He is one of the most well-respected doctors in the country.



Dr. Oz

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